Israel continues its offensive and attacks more than 250 targets in Gaza during the last day

The Israeli Army continued its offensive on Gaza in recent hours, with attacks on “terrorist infrastructures” of the Islamist group Hamas, on the 65th day of war.

“Over the past day, IDF ground, air and naval forces continued to strike terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, hitting more than 250 targets,” a military spokesman said in a statement.

According to him, among several actions, “the troops identified and attacked armed terrorist cells” and destroyed tunnels used by the militias.

In turn, the military “located weapons arsenals, made selective raids on military sites, destroyed tunnels” and confronted militiamen “who planned to attack the troops.”

Among the attacks of the last hours by the troops there was also “a fighter plane that attacked a Hamas military communication site located next to a mosque in southern Gaza”, after which ground troops later carried out “a raid selective in place.

Another point where the troops focused their operations this hour was the southern city of Khan Yunis, where they acted by firing “precise ammunition” and also attacked tunnels.

Likewise, with the support of a drone, the troops identified a group of Palestinian militiamen whom they killed.

Fighting also continued in the Shijaiya neighborhood, where the Army said it “carried out a selective raid on a Hamas military command center” and located “numerous weapons,” including “AK-47 rifles, grenades, rocket launchers.” anti-tank missiles, ammunition and additional military equipment.”

The Israeli Army has assured in recent hours that it sees signs of how the Hamas structure in Gaza is collapsing, and assures that many of its members are surrendering to the advance of the troops, emphasizing that it is time to ” push harder.”

As stated yesterday by the main Israeli military spokesman, Daniel Hagari, in Shijaiya and Jabalia there were militiamen who “surrendered” and “handed over weapons and equipment”, while “investigations with surrendered militia members reveal that the operations on the ground are in a difficult situation.”

Israeli attacks on Gaza have resulted in at least 17,700 confirmed Palestinian deaths since the start of the war on October 7, following a surprise attack by Hamas on Israel that caused more than 1,200 deaths in Israeli territory.

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