Israel attacks Al Shifa and other Gaza hospitals are surrounded by troops

“A direct attack” on the complex Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza this morning caused one death and several injuries, according to reports from the Ministry of Health of the enclavewhile sources from the Government of Gaza – controlled by Hamas – assure that Israeli forces are approaching the medical center and demand its evacuation.

“One dead and several wounded in an attack that targeted the maternity hospital of the Al Shifa medical complex,” the largest hospital in Gaza, he said. Ashraf al Qudraspokesperson for Health of the Strip, controlled by the Islamist group Hamas.

In turn, a spokesperson for the Government Communications Office in Gaza assured that the troops “They are in the vicinity of the hospital complex in central Gaza and demand its evacuation.”

Likewise, Israeli tanks are surrounding the “Al Rantisi and Al Naser children’s, eye and mental health hospitals“, in Gaza City, “from all directions.”

“Thousands of patients, medical staff and displaced people are trapped inside hospitals without water or food and exposed to death in any moment“said the Health spokesperson.

Health assures that tonight there was another “direct attack on the Al Rantisi Hospital, specialized in children”

Israel assures that the military center and underground infrastructure Hamas’ most important facilities are below and around Al Shifa Hospital, where the military has said there is heavy fighting these days as troops push deeper into Gaza City.

Both doctors and human rights groups have denounced these weeks the Israeli bombings around hospitals, where many of the victims also take refuge. internally displaced people from the Strip.

The attacks and bombings of hospitals by the occupation are criminal madness

Many of them have suffered material damage and damage from the attacks, and now at least 18 of some 35 hospital centers are not operating due to the lack of fuel on the ground due to the almost total Israeli siege that restricts access to gasoline.

Last week, an Israeli attack in front of Al Shifa Hospital He already killed fifteen people.

“The attacks and bombings of hospitals by the occupation are criminal madness,” said the Gaza Government Communication Office, which condemned that “health facilities were deliberately bombed and massacres were committed in them.”

Palestinians killed by bombings rise to more than 10,800

“Israel is committing a crime against hospitals and medical personnel. It began by preventing the entry of fuel and medical supplies, and today it ends directly attacking hospitals with fire and bombing, as it did at dawn with several hospitals in Gaza,” declared the Minister of Health of the Palestinian National Authority, Mai al Kaila, who warned of the “great resulting catastrophe.”

In Gaza, Palestinians killed by bombings amount to more than 10,800 since the war began on October 7, when Hamas carried out a strong attack that caused more than 1,400 deaths in Israel, and also took some 240 hostages to Gaza. you Israeli militaryas they have confirmed.

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