Heidi Agan, Kate Middleton’s double who has been imitating the Princess of Wales for 12 years

Despite the media scandals that they sometimes star in, and their complicated relationship with the press, the truth is that the British monarchy is one of the most popular Royal Families in the world: so much so, that the rumors surrounding the state of Princess Kate Middleton’s health have proliferated in all the media, which have echoed all kinds of theories about the result of the operation that the Princess of Wales underwent on January 16.

After two months away from the public scene, Middleton was captured last Monday by a photographer from the newspaper ‘The Sun’, walking in a craft market with Prince William. These images spread por the tabloid shows a Kate looking goodsmiling and carrying some shopping bags.

Theories about Kate Middleton’s double

However, this sudden reappearance has not completely convinced the most skeptical followers of the Royal House, who have even raised the possibility that the Kate that everyone saw on Monday is actually a double, played by a person of extraordinary resemblance.

Although there is no indication that this has happened, and there are no indications that point towards this extravagant theory, the double hypothesis has generated a certain impact on networks. For this reason, there are many Internet users who have remembered Heidi Agan, Kate Middleton’s associate who has spent more than a decade professionally dedicating herself to becoming the most faithful reflection of the Princess of Wales.

The life of a professional impersonator

“Some trolls crazy people send me death threats: but I don’t care, I love being the princess”: This is how this former English waitress expressed herself in an interview for ‘The Sun’ in 2022, who dedicates his life to imitating Kate’s appearance. In his interview for the tabloid, Agan states that he always pays attention to Kate’s outfits and her hairstyle, to adopt his style almost religiously.

This thoroughness, which has even led her to carry fake bellies during Middleton’s pregnancies, has earned Agan a certain fame, who is delighted with her role as doppelganger real. In addition to being confused with the royal British – their features are very similar -, Agan has stated that she is also recognized and appreciated as Kate Middleton’s double.

This desire for imitation is not limited solely to aesthetics, and requires a coherence that Agan has strictly maintained: In an interview after Harry and Meghan Markle’s breakup with the Royal Family, Agan lamented that he could no longer work with Meghan and Harry’s doubles: “We are this strange alternative family. We all get along and work well, but when those things happen we can’t work together anymore,” said Heidi Agan about the internal conflicts in the Royal House.

It has an impact on what we do.” However – and despite rumors of infidelity-, Agan regularly shares publications with a “clone” of Guillermo, with which he stars in recreations and performances at private events.

In the antipodes of the United Kingdom, the staunchest followers of conspiracy theories about the Royal House have found another person with a more than appreciable resemblance: It’s about Britanny Dixon, an australian artist totally foreign to the environment of the Royal Family that presents very similar features.

Is this young Australian aware of the attention she is receiving on the other side of the world? Considering the impact of any information about the British royal houses, nothing is ruled out.

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