Hamas publishes a video with three hostages demanding that Netanyahu negotiate

Hamas published a new video this Monday in which three women kidnapped during its October 7 attacks against Israel, which left nearly 1,400 dead, appear and ask Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for an agreement for a prisoner exchange.

The video, collected by the Shehab Agency news agency, presents three hostages, one of whom, located in the center, criticizes the Prime Minister of Israel for unable to prevent the attack carried out by Hamaswhich also left more than 230 hostages.

Israeli Army spokesman Daniel Hagari said Israeli troops had “expanded operations” in Gaza, including bringing in “additional forces,” including infantry and armored vehicles.

Thus, he spoke of “an extended ground operation in the Strip” with “ground forces, tanks and infantry” that “advance towards the terrorists”, while confirming “direct contact between the ground forces and the terrorists”. “Fighting is underway inside the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Hagari also highlighted that the issue of the kidnapped –so far estimated at 239apart from four released – it is not a national one, it is a global one”, while pointing out the “moral responsibility” of international institutions when it comes to “doing everything possible for them to return home.”

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