Guterres denounces “clear violations of international humanitarian law” in Gaza

Since last October 7, the Israeli Army began its offensive in the Gaza Strip in response to the attack carried out by the Islamic terrorist group Hamas. Since then more than 10,000 people have lost their lives and 25,408 have been injured.

The Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), António Guterres, has denounced that in the war between Israel and Hamas “we are witnessing clear violations of international humanitarian law”both by Israel and Hamas.

According to Guterres, while the Israeli army “continues to bomb and beat civiliansto hospitals, refugee camps, mosques, churches and UN buildings”, for its part Hamas “use civilians as human shields and continues to launch indiscriminate rockets against Israel.

Call for a ceasefire

For this reason, the UN Secretary General has declared that “the way forward is clear: a humanitarian ceasefire. Now”.

On the other hand, Guterres has called to raise 1.2 billion dollars (1,117 million euros) that will go to help the Palestinian population living in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. “The parties to the conflict and, indeed, the international community, They face an immediate and fundamental responsibility: stop this suffering inhuman collective and dramatically expand humanitarian aid to Gaza.

He has also commented that we must act “to find a way out” to one “brutal, terrible and agonizing” situation, which resembles a “dead end” full of “destruction”. “The escalation must stop. “Cool heads and diplomatic efforts must prevail,” he added.

And he added that “no one is safe“in the Palestinian enclave and that “the nightmare in Gaza is more than a humanitarian crisis”, but it is “a crisis of humanity.” “Gaza is becoming a children’s graveyard,” she noted.

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