Gaza reports at least 135 dead in Israel’s attacks in recent hours

The Gaza Health Ministry, under the authority of Hamas, has reported that the Israeli attacks in recent hours in the Palestinian enclave have left at least 135 dead and 312 injured in the middle of the second day of the telecommunications blackout that began this past Friday, the seventh since the outbreak of the conflict between Israel and Hamas on October 7, 2023.

Among the dead are at least 20 Palestinians, including women and children, who have died from a attack on a residential building in the Daraj neighborhood of Gaza Citywhich join three others killed in another Israeli attack in Beit Lahiain the north of the Strip.

You also have to tell ten other Palestinian civiliansincluding several children, killed this Friday in an attack carried out by the Israeli Army on the city of Rafá, in the south of the Strip, and which are added to other attacks in the vicinity of the Martyrs Hospital from Al Aqsa, in Deir al Balá, the center of the enclave.

Sources from the official Palestinian news agency Wafa confirm additional attacks southeast of the city of Jan Yunisin the south of the Strip, as well as in Nuseiratwhere “dozens” of people have died, as well as in the Nuseirat and Maghazi camps.

The agency also confirms the “complete interruption of communications and Internet services with the Gaza Strip”, for the second consecutive day, as announced yesterday by Palestinian telecommunications companies led by Paltel.

It’s about the seventh time that these companies have been forced to suspend their services since the Israeli offensive began on October 7 after the attacks perpetrated by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) against Israeli territory, where 1,200 people died.

The attacks have caused significant damage to communication lines and transmission towers, essential infrastructure to provide mobile telephone and Internet services in the area. Added to this is the lack of fuel due to the blockade to which it is subjected in the Palestinian enclave, which has caused numerous blackouts.

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