Elon Musk considers blocking Twitter throughout Europe

The tycoon Elon Muskowner of X (formerly Twitter)Are you considering block access to the social network throughout Europe. There is speculation that it could do so by making the app unavailable on the continent or by blocking access to users in the European Union.

The conflict comes from legislation against disinformation that he intends to move forward Brussels and that would force digital platforms to eliminate hate content as quickly as possible, to make their algorithms more transparent and to send routine reports updating their measures to the headquarters of the European Commission.

If you break these rules you could face fines of up to 6% of your turnover, which last year was 4.4 billion dollars. This would mean a penalty of about 264 million.

This same Thursday, Brussels has reported that it has already contacted Goal and TikTok to demand detailed information from them about the measures they have taken to comply with their rules, in what is considered the previous step to evaluating the opening of a sanctioning procedure to both companies for failing to comply with the Digital Services Law European.

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