Donald Trump, sentenced to pay more than 76 million euros to the writer EJ Carroll for defamation

A federal court jury Manhattan determined this Friday that the former president of USAdonald trump must pay to Elisabeth Jean Carroll a total of $83.3 million (76.7 million euros) in damages in the framework of the lawsuit for defamation presented by the writer.

Specifically, the tycoon must pay $18.3 million in compensatory damages: 11 million to finance a campaign to repair his reputation and another 7.3 million for the emotional damage caused by his statements.. You will also have to pay 65 million in punitive damages.

Judge Lewis Kaplanin charge of the case, thanked the jury for their work in reaching the verdict. “My advice to you is that you never reveal that you have been part of this jury”he highlighted, as reported by CNN.

In May, a court established that Trump must pay up to $5 million (around €4.5 million) in compensation to Carroll, who filed a new lawsuit against the magnate, requesting $10 million (€9.2 million). euros) in damages.

The case dates back to the legal challenge that the journalist filed in 2019 before a state court against the former president for defamation due to the way in which he had denied a first rape complaint after saying that “she wasn’t his type” and that he did it to sell his book.

The journalist wrote in her book ‘Why do we need men?’ that the tycoon sexually assaulted her in the fitting rooms of a Manhattan store in the mid-90s. According to her, she met Trump on Fifth Avenue in New York and they went to a lingerie store in Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury department store. where the former president raped her.

This trial comes amid Trump’s renewed attempts to return to the White House as faces other legal proceedingssuch as his recent accusation for hiding a series of bribes paid to the adult film actress Stormy Daniels in exchange for silencing an alleged sexual affair.

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