Borrell points out that Israel has created and financed Hamas in its attempt to prevent the Palestinian State

The High Representative for Foreign Policy of the EU, Josep Borrelldenounced this Friday that Israelin their attempt to prevent the creation of the Palestinian Statecreated and financed the terrorist group Hamas. “Yes, Hamas has been funded by the Government of Israel to try to weaken the Palestinian Authority” which heads Al Fatah, he noted.

Borrell also denounces that no matter how much everyone supports the two-state solution, “We’ve never done much to get it”although it is “good news” that there are now people “willing to do so.” “The bad news is that Israel, particularly its government, flatly refuses”he has sentenced.

It is for all this that he defends that “a two-state solution must be imposed from outside to bring peace”. “If we do not intervene strongly, the spiral of hatred and violence will continue from generation to generation, from funeral to funeral, as the seeds of hatred that are being sown in Gaza today bloom.”

The head of European diplomacy has explained that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict “confronts two peoples who They have the same legitimate rights to live in the same land”, although he has denounced that “in practice, one enjoys this right more than anotherwhich has been reduced to exile and occupation”.

“Today is totally illusory think about a Palestinian-Israeli confederation and “The only possible solution, if we exclude the extinction of one of the parties, is to create two States.”Borrell has declared.

Israel advances its offensive in Gaza

He Israeli army continues to advance in its attacks in Loopwhile criticism and skepticism in Israel regarding the strategy of Netanyahu’s military pressurewhich continues its efforts to maintain the war until, in the words of the Israeli prime minister, “total victory” against Hamas.

He also reiterated that military force in Gaza is the only possible way to end Hamas, guarantee the security of Israel and achieve the release of the hostages, while their families ask for an agreement to release the captives and criticize the current Government strategy are emerging among members of the War Cabinet itself.

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