Biden values ​​his frank conversations with Xi Jinping although they do not always agree

The president of USA, Joe Bidenhe said this Wednesday to his counterpart from China, Xi Jinpingwhich although they have not always agreed values ​​their “frank,” “direct,” and “helpful” conversations.

“We haven’t always agreed, which is no surprise to anyone.”but our meetings have always been frank, direct and helpful,” Biden said at the beginning of his meeting with Xi, emphasizing that there is direct contact between the two powers.

The president of China, Xi Jinping, assured that the planet is “big enough” for both countries to succeed as powers. “Planet Earth is big enough for both countries to be successful. The success of one is an opportunity for the other.”

Biden attends this meeting with the objective of resume communications between the Armed Forces of the two countries and have China take measures to control the departure from its territory of chemicals used to make the fentanyla powerful opioid that claims the lives of nearly 200 Americans a day.

For his part, Xi Jinping seeks to extract the commitment that the US will not intervene in Taiwan’s January presidential elections and will not support an eventual declaration of independence for the island, which China claims as part of its territory and which Washington could defend in the event of armed conflict.

Neither party anticipates major agreements, but they do seek reestablish communication lines in different areas to prevent the competition between the two powers from leading to an open conflict.

The meeting, which takes place one day before the start of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Franciscois the first in a year between the two leaders after the one they held for about three hours in November 2022 in bali (Indonesia) in parallel to the G20.

That face to face ended on a positive note and was then perceived as a new chapter in bilateral relations after the tensions during the mandate of donald trump (2017-2021), when both nations engaged in a trade war with the mutual imposition of tariffs. However, the harmony was short-lived and relations soured again after the Biden administration shot down an alleged “spy” balloon Chinese that flew over the United States at the beginning of the year.

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