Biden endorses the Israeli version of the attack on the hospital: “It seems that the other side did it”

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has accepted Israel’s version of the attack that left hundreds dead in a hospital in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, pointing out that from the data currently available “it appears that “The other side did it.”

Biden made brief statements to the media before meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to whom he expressed “saddenedness” and “outraged” by the destruction of the hospital, which Israel has blamed on Islamic Jihad.

“According to what I have seen, it seems that the other side did it, not you,” he said, and then admitted that “There are a lot of people out there who aren’t sure” what happened.

The American president has called to help the “innocent” population that has been left “in the middle” of the conflict between Israeli forces and Palestinian militias. “Hamas does not represent all Palestinians,” he declared.

“The world is watching. Israel has a set of values, like the United States and other democracies,” said Biden, “very happy” for a visit that comes preceded by those previously carried out by his Secretaries of State and Defense.

Netanyahu wanted to thank Biden for his “unwavering support” in these “complicated times” and has emphasized that it is “the first visit by an American president in times of war.” “We value the commitment to providing us with the tools we need to defend ourselves,” she added.

“It’s like 20 9/11”

The Israeli Prime Minister has reviewed some of the crimes committed by Hamas militiamen and have caused 1,400 deaths, “perhaps more.” “We are a country of less than ten million people. It would be equivalent to murdering more than 50,000 Americans in one day. That is like 9/11,” he has argued.

For this reason, he has asked that “just as the civilized world united to defeat the Nazis and the Islamic State,” it also creates a common front against Hamas. He has promised to continue working until he “defeats” the group and “eliminates this terrible threat” from the lives of all citizens.

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