Biden assures that his memory “is fine” after a special prosecutor assured that it is “limited”

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has highlighted that his “memory is fine” dAfter special prosecutor Robert Hur pointed out in a document regarding his case for withholding classified documents, for which he will not ultimately be charged, that the president’s memory is “significantly limited.”

“No, look, my memory is fine. Take a look at what I’ve done since I’ve been president. “None of you thought I could overcome any of the things I managed to accomplish,” Biden said during a press conference at the White House.

During it, the president has differentiated his case from former President Donald Trump, charged precisely for retaining and also disseminating classified documents, for his cooperation with the investigation and for not obstructing justice “as Trump did.”

In that sense, he has shifted part of the blame to his team of advisors who, according to his version, should have returned them, although he has admitted that he should have been more attentive to this issue. “I thought they had been returned. And the facts are that they have reached a firm conclusion: that I did not break the law,” the president added.

He criticizes the reference to not remembering his son’s death

Biden has also harshly criticized the part of the special counsel’s report where it is mentioned that he does not remember the moments of the death of his son Joseph ‘Beau’ Biden, who died in 2015 due to brain cancer.

“There is a reference to not remembering when my son died. How dare you bring that up? Frankly, when they asked me the question, I thought to myself that it was none of his damn business (…) I don’t need anyone to remind me when he passed away,” he added.

Special prosecutor Robert Hur has concluded in a report that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, “intentionally” withheld and revealed classified documents, although he has ruled out filing charges against him due to his advanced age and for collaborating throughout the process. .

Shortly after, Biden issued a statement in which he highlighted that the investigation has been “exhaustive” and dates back to the 1970s, when he was a senator. “I’m glad to see that they reached the conclusion that I thought they would: that no charges will be filed in this case and that the matter is closed,” he said.

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