Biden acknowledges that the shooting in Gaza complicates the possibility of a ceasefire

The Army shooting Israel in the city of Loop which has caused the death of 104 Palestinians and the injury of another 280, will affect the negotiations between the Netanyahu Government and Hamas to achieve a ceasefire in the war.

The president of United States, Joe Bidenhe declared at the gates of the White House about to take a helicopter to take him to the Andrews base that is following the events and knows that the death of those civilians will complicate the negotiations.

Biden, who at the beginning of this week expressed hope of obtaining an agreement Stop the fire At the beginning of next week, he has admitted that it will probably not be Monday as he expected but later and that he remains optimistic. “Hope is the last thing that is lost,” the president highlighted.

More than 100 dead in an Israeli attack on an aid distribution queue in Gaza

More than 100 people died this Thursday in an Israeli attack on the place where hundreds of Gazans were waiting for the distribution of humanitarian aid in Gaza City, according to the Ministry of Health of the Gaza Stripcontrolled by Hamas.

The number of people killed in the war in Gaza rose to more than 30,000

The Gaza Government media officecontrolled by Hamasinitially reported that the attack, on Al Rashid Street, in the southeast of Gaza City, had caused the death of around 70 people, a figure that may continue to increase in the coming hours.

The Israeli Army has just announced that it fired on a crowd that it believed “a threat“during the distribution of food, and that dozens were injured”in pushing and trampling” after surrounding the trucks with humanitarian aid and starting looting, according to a statement.

“The attack was premeditated and intentional, in the context of the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the people of the Gaza Strip. The occupation army knew that these victims had come to this area to obtain food and aid, but it killed them in cold blood “, ha Gazan government denounced it’s a statement.

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