At least 20 dead and 70 injured in the third attack in a week on the Jabalia refugee camp

At least 20 people have died and 70 have been injured for an attack perpetrated this Saturday on a school in the Jabalia refugee camplocated in the northern part of the Gaza Strip and scene in recent days of an intensification of Israeli bombings.

At the school of Al Fajuralinked to the agency of the UN for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), sheltered people who have had to abandon their homes since the start of the Israeli military offensive on Gaza.

UNRWA itself has confirmed the attack against this school through its spokesperson, Juliette Touma. “Among the 20 dead in the attack There are children and dozens more are injured.”Touma explained in statements to the DPA news agency.

At least one projectile fell in the school yard, where tents have been erected for displaced families. Another projectile hit inside the school itself, where there were women making bread. Israel has indicated that it is investigating what happened.

Touma has indicated that the school is being used as a shelter for displaced families. “Until October 12, 16,000 internally displaced people were taking refuge in that school,” he highlighted.

UNRWA has reported successive attacks on its facilities, theoretically protected by International Law and where some 700,000 displaced people are now taking refuge. Since the start of the current wave of violence, at least 72 agency workers have lost their lives and 47 facilities have been damaged.

At least 9,488 people have died in the Strip, including some 3,900 children, as a result of the offensive launched by Israeli forces in response to the Hamas attacks on October 7, according to a new balance released this Saturday by the Ministry of Gaza Health.

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