At least 20 dead and 150 injured in attack on civilians in Gaza City

At least 20 people have been killed and another 150 wounded in an attack on civilians who were crowding in a line in Gaza City, in the north of the enclave, waiting for “humanitarian aid“.

“The israeli occupation committed a new massacre against thousands of hungry mouths waiting for humanitarian aid at the Kuwait roundabout in Gaza City,” reported Ashraf al Qudraspokesperson for Gaza Ministry of Healthcontrolled by Hamas.

Al Qudra warned that the death toll will increase in the coming hours given “the dozens of seriously injured who arrived at the Al Shifa hospital, which is operating under minimal conditions, without sufficient medical capabilities to treat them, after having been besieged and attacked by Israeli troops in November.

According to United Nations Agency for the Palestinian Refugeestwo more people were killed this Thursday, raising the death toll to 12, following yesterday’s attack with two tank shells on a UN refugee shelter in southern Gaza, where more than 75 other people were killed. wounds.

Thomas Whitea senior UNRWA official, reported in the same statement that 15 of the injured are in “critical condition“, while the Israeli Army ruled out that its men were responsible, and said it was investigating the events.

The Israeli Army has concentrated its offensive

The shelter housed about 800 Palestinians displaced in the southern city of Khan Yunis, scene of intense fighting in recent days, especially in its western area, where the Israeli Army has concentrated its offensive.

“Yesterday afternoon, the UN finally managed to reach the affected areas to treat wounded patients, bring medical supplies and evacuate the wounded to Rafah,” continued White, who denounced the blockage of previous missions to assess the situation.

For his part, the undersecretary of Gaza Ministry of HealthYoussef Abu Al Rish, assured today that he is coordinating with the International Committee of the Red Cross the supply of medicines, food and fuel to the hospitals of Khan Younis, as well as visits to medical personnel detained by Israel.

The firing of projectiles and the burning of the center occurred two days after a first attack on UNRWA facilities that, according to the agency, left at least six displaced people dead after “intense fighting around the shelter.”

“The intense fighting near the remaining hospitals in Khan Yunis, including (the hospitals of) Nasser and Al Amalhave surrounded these facilities, leaving staff, patients and displaced people trapped inside terrified,” White denounced today.

Hospital patients evacuated in the middle of the night

Al Khair hospital, also in Khan Younis, had to close its operations after patients, “including women who had just undergone surgery Caesarean section“were evacuated in the middle of the night, UNRWA said.

The official Wafa news agency also reported Israeli bombings in the center of the Stripspecifically in the Bureij refugee camp, where at least two people died in a “deliberate attack against a group of gathered residents.”

The war between Israel and Hamas It broke out on October 7 after an attack by the Islamist group that left some 1,200 dead. Since then, the Israeli Army has maintained a strong offensive by air, land and sea that has already left more than 25,700 Gazans dead (including more than 10,000 children) and 63,740 injured.

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