At least 133 dead and 162 injured in Gaza due to Israeli attacks in the last 24 hours

The Israeli Army offensive in the Gaza Strip has caused at least 133 deaths and 162 injuries in the last 24 hours, which increases the number of victims to 28,473 dead and 68,146 injured since the war between the Islamist group Hamas and Israel began on October 7.

“The Israeli occupation committed 16 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, resulting in 133 deaths and 162 injuries during the last 24 hours,” said the Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas, assuring that many of the victims ” “They are still under the rubble and on roads”, where the Israeli Army prevents access to ambulances and rescuers.

Israeli bombings hit the center of the Palestinian enclave, and near Deir al Balah left one dead and several injured, according to the official Palestinian news agency, Wafa.

Israel focuses its offensive on the south of the strip

But Israel has concentrated its military offensive in the south of the Strip, especially in Khan Younis, and is preparing a land incursion in Rafah, a city bordering Egypt where the majority of the nearly two million displaced people (almost the entire Gazan population) left by the war are concentrated, in amid an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

“The majority of Rafah’s population has already fled other areas of Gaza after Israeli authorities ordered them to ‘evacuate’. Civilians have nowhere to go to escape the bombing and face the real and imminent risk of genocide,” denounced the London-based organization Amnesty International.

For its part, the New York-based Human Rights Watch recently estimated that “forcing more than a million displaced Palestinians in Rafah to evacuate again without a safe place to go would be illegal and have catastrophic consequences.”

The war broke out on October 7 after a Hamas attack in Israel that left just under 1,200 dead and about 250 kidnapped.

Since then, and despite growing international opposition, Israeli forces have counterattacked by air, land and sea in the devastated Gaza Strip, where in addition to at least 28,473 deaths – most of them children and women – survivors face displacement, the collapse of hospitals, the outbreak of epidemics and the persistent shortage of drinking water, food, medicine and electricity.

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