A second convoy with humanitarian aid enters Gaza through the Rafah crossing

The Rafah border crossing, which connects Egypt with the Gaza Strip, opened today for the second consecutive day to allow the entry of 17 trucks of humanitarian aid, local media reported.

The Egyptian television Al Qahera News broadcast live the entry of these vehicles through Rafah towards Gaza, which assured that there are three trucks from the Egyptian Red Crescent, which is leading this aid delivery along with its Palestinian counterpart, within the convoy.

Volunteers who have been at the crossing for days told EFE that these 17 trucks contain “mostly medicines, water and food”, without giving more details so far.

Several of the volunteers gathered around the door to cheer the drivers while they raised the Egyptian flag, according to images from the network, in which it is seen that the trucks that are part of the convoy are still entering.

This new delivery takes place a day after the Rafah crossing was finally opened, the only one not controlled by Israel, after two weeks closed because Israel did not give permission for the delivery and because the road that connects Egypt with Gaza was damaged. by Israeli bombings.

Yesterday, the authorities that manage the Rafah border crossing closed the crossing on both sides after unloading the 20 trucks of humanitarian aid that were agreed for a first aid mission.

Israel intensified its bombing of Gaza in the last 24 hours and its aircraft killed two high-ranking operatives of the Islamist group Hamas along with other militants last night.

Since the war broke out more than two weeks ago, more than 4,400 people have been killed in Gaza by Israeli bombardments, among whom more than 70% are minors, women and the elderly, according to Palestinian sources.

At the same time, rocket launches by Palestinian militias against Israel continue to occur, which has so far recorded more than 1,400 deaths since the beginning of the conflict that began after the terrorist attack by the Islamist group Hamas.

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