A police officer dresses up as a “care bear” on Valentine’s Day to arrest criminals in an anti-drug operation

The National Police of Peru has implemented a curious tactic to arrest criminals accused of selling drugs in the streets of Lima. With the trick of disguising an agent as a giant bear, as a Valentine’s Day gift, the National Police of Peru (PNP) managed to mislead an alleged criminal who dealt in drugs and arrest her, according to police sources.

‘You are my reason to smile’, said the sign carried by the undercover agent dressed as a “care bear”along with a heart-shaped balloon.

The arrest occurred in the Lima district of San Martín de Porres, where an anti-drug police operation managed to arrest the suspect after she approached the large teddy bear without hesitation, thinking it was a Valentine’s Day gift.

The officer waited until she was close to him and pinned her to the ground.. At that moment, the rest of the police came out of their hiding places to make the arrest. In addition, the operation ended with the arrest of another suspect.

It is common for the National Police to carry out this type of operations on specific dates, such as last Halloween, when a group of agents dressed up as superheroes to dismantle a small gang who also trafficked drugs in Lima.

These types of images go viral on Peruvian social networks and also attract the attention of international media.

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