A party of half-naked Russian celebrities angers Putin and provokes a harsh reaction

A party whose theme was “almost naked” in a Moscow nightclub has caused tremendous anger in the country’s leaders and especially in Vladimir Putin, at a time when Russia is involved in a war with Ukraine and the authorities are promoting a increasingly conservative social agenda.

The party, at the Mutabor nightclub in Moscow on December 21, was organized by blogger Anastasia (Nastya) Ivleeva and well-known singers and celebrities who have been regulars on state television entertainment programs for years attended.

Ivleeva has become one of the most mentioned names in Russia also because she attended wearing jewelry worth 23 million rubles ($251,000) at a time when the majority of the population is going through serious economic problems.

The blogger has issued two apology videos. In the second, released on December 27 through tears, he said that he regretted his actions and deserved everything that happened to him, but he hoped they would give him “a second chance.”

Tax authorities have opened an investigation that carries a possible five-year prison sentence, and a Moscow court has accepted a lawsuit from a group of people demanding that he pay 1 billion rubles ($10.9 million) for “moral suffering.” “.

The fierce reaction from authorities, pro-Kremlin lawmakers and bloggers, state media and Orthodox Church groups has dominated headlines for days, displacing stories about rising prices and inflation.

Nikolai Vasiliev, A rapper known as Vacio attended wearing only a stocking to cover his penis, and has been sentenced by a Moscow court to 15 days in prison and fined 200,000 rubles ($2,182) for propaganda of “non-traditional sexual relations.”

Other attendees have seen their participation on state television canceled, have lost contracts with sponsors revoked, or have been excluded from the filming of a new film.

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