A meteorite destroys a Renault Clio car in France

Thousands of meteorites reach the Earth’s surface every year and the probability of a meteorite falling on a person is very low.

Most meteorites that fall do so in uninhabited areas, oceans, or disintegrate before reaching the ground. This has not been the case of a car in Strasbourg, specifically, a Renault Clio that has been hit by a meteorite and caused a 50 centimeter hole in the roof and a broken window.

The researchers could not find the “meteorite” inside the car and say it could have even disintegrated from the impact but they also said they had a “hunch” about a brown stone the size of a hazelnut nearby.

The captain of the local firefighters, Matthieu Colobert, stated that upon arriving at the vehicle they noticed an impact of approximately 50 centimeters, which went through the roof, underbody and the fuel tank.

From the Royal Greenwich Observatory they say they are waiting for more data but add that the meteorite theory is not impossible.

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