A Boeing 737 returns to the airport from which it took off in Japan due to a crack in the cabin window

A domestic flight from Japan, from the company All Nippon Airwayshas been forced to return to the departure airport this Saturday after detecting a crack in cabin window of a Boeing 737-800 in the middle of a trip.

The flight was heading to Toyama airportbut had to return until Sapporo-New Chitose after finding the crack in the outermost layer of the windows surrounding the cabin.

The company assures No injuries have been reported among the 59 passengers and six crew members. who were on the plane. “The crack did not affect the flight in any aspect of control or pressurization,” said the All Nippon Airways spokesperson.

The plane was not a Boeing 737 MAX 9

The plane was not one of the Boeing 737 MAX 9the models that are again in the spotlight after the first weekend of the year an Alaska Airlines aircraft lost part of the fuselage in mid-flight.

In this regard, the United States aviation regulator last Friday extended the circulation ban for the Boeing 737 MAX 9 indefinitely until the supervision of these models is strengthened, while in the EU they chose not to ban these models, since they have a different configuration than the device that suffered the accident in the US.

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