Why the war between Israel and Palestine started: the conflict summarized in less than 3 minutes

This week we have seen how a wave of protests has been unleashed in the Arab and Muslim world. Thousands of people have taken to the streets in countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Turkey to protest. against the bombing of a hospital in Gaza, still without knowing for sure who launched that projectile that hit the parking lot of that hospital.

Everything suggests that this new crisis between Israel and Hamas could wipe out all the diplomatic work of recent years to normalize Israel’s relations with other Arab countries.

The conflict explained in less than three minutes

After the Second World War, the old Zionist principle gained strength, according to which the only solution for the survival of the Jewish people was to create a Jewish state in Palestine, then a British protected meadow.

In 1947, the UN agreed to divide that territory into two states, one Jewish, one Arab-Palestinian and Jerusalem as an international enclave, but the Arab neighbors tried to prevent it from the beginning: Jordan invaded the West Bank and Egypt invaded the Gaza Strip; Israel becomes a threat to eliminate.

In 1967, Egypt launched the “six-day” war that ended up involving Jordan and Syria. Against all of them, and in record time, Israel wins, and although it was not its objective, it reconfigures the balances of the region, since it recovered the West Bank and the strip, snatched the Golan Heights from Syria and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt and proclaims as his own the entire old city of Jerusalem with its sacred sites.

From then on, Arab countries worried less about the Palestinian cause and more about recovering lost ground, and in the following years more wars occurred.


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