Two Spaniards die, a woman and her ten-year-old daughter, in an explosion in a residential building in Belgium

Two Spaniards, a woman and her 10-year-old daughter, are among the four people who have died as a result of an explosion in a residential building in the Belgian city of Hobokenvery close to Antwerp (Belgium).

He Government of Ceuta has issued a statement confirming that it is a 42 year old mother and her 10 year old daughterboth neighbors of the autonomous city.

The president of Ceuta, Juan Jesús Vivas (PP)has conveyed his sorrow and condolences to family and friends for the death of Mina and her daughter Houda.

From the Ceuta Down Syndrome Associationa genetic disorder that the girl suffered from, have indicated that both “They were very loved by both users and professionals” of the center and regret “greatly this irreparable loss.

The explosion, which occurred on Thursday, destroyed the upper part of the building and since then firefighters have been toiling through the rubble to search for possible victims.

After locating three bodies yesterday, this morning they found a fourth and the investigations continue. work to look for a neighbor who has not given news since the event.

There is also three seriously injured and three others slightly injured as a result of the explosionwhose causes are still being investigated by the authorities, who consider that it was due to a gas leak, among other hypotheses.

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