Two environmentalists arrested after spraying Stonehenge monument with orange paint

Two activists from the environmental group Just Stop Oil have sprayed orange paint on the famous megalithic monument of stonehenge in Wiltshire, in the south-west of England. The events occurred in front of visitors who were in front of the historic enclave and who tried to intervene, according to a video posted by the group itself on its website and social networks.

The Police of that county have detained them and have explained that both activists, identified as Niamh Lynch, 21, and Rajan Naidu, 73, face accusations of damaging the historic monument, while investigations continue.

The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunakhas condemned this fact as a “regrettable act of vandalism”, during the election campaign in the United Kingdom. For two years, the government has faced the harsh actions of the organization, which has attacked works of art and interrupted sports competitions and shows.

For this reason, the conservative government has tightened the law on the right to demonstrate with the intention of preventing the actions of this group. From Just Stop Oil they have issued a statement in which they express that their protest is to demand that the next Government of the country sign a international plan to eliminate fossil fuels by 2030and they assure that the paint will disappear in the rain.

Heritage protection organization English Heritage is assessing the impact of the paint on the stones, which are part of a World Heritage Site built between 3100 and 1600 BC. c.

It is one of the most important prehistoric megalithic monuments in the world due to its size, sophisticated plan and architectural precision. Its standing stones, which form a mysterious circles setattract thousands of people each year for the pagan summer solstice festivals.

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