The Seine River is not suitable for swimming a month and a half before the Olympic events are held in it

The water of the Seine was not suitable for bathing due to its high levels of contamination in the latest analyzes carried out on the 16th, a month and a half before the Olympic competition, the organizers indicated this Friday, who were optimistic about the development of the swimming tests in the river.

“Currently, the Seine water quality It is not up to scratch. But the analyzes of the waters of the Seine do not correspond to the standards that we will have this summer,” said the prefect (government delegate), Marc Guillaume, in a press appearance.

In the presence of the president of the Organizing Committee, Tony Estanguet, Guillaume expressed his confidence that the pollution levels at the end of July or beginning of August, when the tests on the Seine are planned, are lower.

“We are confident, together with the Organization Committee, about the possibility of holding these tests at the end of July or beginning of August,” said the prefect.

Paris 2024 hopes that the Seine will be the scene of the triathlon swim test, scheduled for July 30 for men, 31 for women and August 5 for the mixed relay. In addition to the open water marathon on August 8 for women and August 9 for men.

The rains make purification work difficult

Guillaume explained that the “exceptional” rains of recent days have meant that not all the fallen water can be treated before going to the river, so the Seine is not ready for bathing, but expressed his confidence in the works carried out. out so that they will be during the summer.

“At some point it will stop raining, we will have sun. And what we can say is that the works carried out in the last four years are fully operational and will allow us to have an exceptional result,” he stated.

He explained that they continue to inaugurate water purification and waste collection plantswhile indicating that all Seine boats are already connected to the city’s sewage network and do not discharge their wastewater into the river.

The French authorities have invested 1.4 billion euros since 2016 in an ambitious plan to allow bathing in the waters of the Seine, which have been banned for almost a century.

“The plan is coming to fruition, although there are still works to be completed,” said Guillaume, who asked that the results of the device be judged “in summer conditions, which is when it will be possible to see if it has an effect.”

The mayor of Paris delays her promise to bathe in the Seine

The quality of the Seine’s water appears as one of the main issues of concern for the organization of the Games just over a month before the opening ceremony, scheduled for July 26.

The organizers have been canceling the different tests planned in the waters of the river, while the mayor of the city, Anne Hidalgo, has been delaying her promise to bathe in the Seine before the Games to show her confidence in the cleanliness of the waters. .

He had planned to take a dip this coming Sunday, but he assured that he will delay it because of the legislative elections.

An “excuse” for his main rival, the Minister of Culture, Rachida Dati, who accused him of having invested large amounts of money without obtaining results.

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