Thailand legalizes same-sex marriage and becomes the first country in Southeast Asia to do so

The third and final reading of the Equal Marriage Law has received the green light today from the Thai Senate with a overwhelming majority (130 votes in favor, 4 against and 18 abstentions), and could come into force at the end of the year. Among the fundamental changes, the name of the marriage between “two people”instead of “between a man and a woman”, and the modification in the legal status of “husband and wife” by “genderless married couple”. In addition, the norm guarantees LGTBI couples the same rights as heterosexual couples, such as the right of inheritance, tax relief or adoption.

The potential beneficiaries defend that it has been a triumph for justice and human rights. “When the law comes into force, we will sign the marriage certificate that we have been waiting for for so long. We think that this will make our daily lives easier. Once this new way of life is approved by law – and is officially recognized – we will feel empowered , that will give us confidence and multiply the paths we can take,” according to LGTBI rights activist, Anticha.

After being ratified by both chambers of the Legislature, the Equal Marriage law will be sent to the Government Cabinet and subsequently must be ratified by the king of Thailand.

To celebrate the historic vote, numerous events are planned in Bangkok throughout the day, including a massive LGTBI parade that will run through the main avenues of the Thai capital.

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