Netanyahu assures that the most intense phase of the offensive in Gaza “will soon come to an end”

Benjamin Nentanyahu has assured that the most intense phase of the military offensive against the Gaza Strip “it will soon come to an end”but the war as such will not end until Hamas stops controlling the enclave.

“Phase three of the war is about to end. It’s going to be very soon“said Netanyahu in an interview with Channel 14 television, the first granted since the attack by the Palestinian militias from Gaza against southern Israel on October 7.

Once this phase is completed, Israel may send more forces north, to the border with Lebanon, to confront Hezbollah. “We are going to do it. Firstly and most importantly for defensive reasons and secondly so that the evacuees can return to their homes,” he said. To this end, he has expressed himself in favor of a diplomatic agreement, but has warned that If it is not achieved, it will resort to “other means.”“.

The agreement must include Hezbollah

Any agreement must include “physical distancing of Hezbollah from the border”, according to the Israeli leader. Furthermore, Netanyahu has highlighted the death on Saturday in an Israeli attack of what he described as ‘number 4’ of Hamas, Raad Saad. “Yesterday we may have killed the ‘number 4’ of Hamas. We are hitting them hard,” he stressed.

Netanyahu has expressed his willingness to close an agreement that allows the return of the hostages“but I am not willing to agree to an agreement that leaves Hamas intact.”

Regarding the future of the Gaza Strip, Netanyahu has ruled out the Palestinian Authority regaining political control of the enclave instead of Hamas. Thus, he has revealed that the Army proposed to him five months ago to hand over control to the Gazan clans, but then it was ruled out. Now there is a new proposal that he did not want to make public. In any case, he has ruled out returning to the colonies as defended by the Israeli extreme right because “it would not be realistic” and would also not serve the objectives.

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