Netanyahu announces the dissolution of the war cabinet created after the attacks carried out by Hamas

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahuhas announced the dissolution of the war cabinet, created after the attacks carried out on October 7 by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) following the recent resignations of one of its members and one of its observers, Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkotrespectively and amidst calls by the Minister of National Security, the far-right Itamar Ben Gvir, to be integrated into it.

“The war cabinet does not exist,” said Netanyahu, who stated that “it was a coalition agreement with Gantz, at his request,” according to the newspaper ‘Israel Hayom’. ““Once Gantz left, that forum ceased to exist.”he stated, before adding that will continue to consult sensitive issues with some political groups.

Gantz announced that he was leaving the war cabinet, made up of three members and three observers, in the face of what it considers to be a lack of clear strategy to end the military offensive in Gaza, while blaming Netanyahu for “preventing a true victory from being achieved” in the Strip.

Shortly thereafter, Eisenkot announced that he was following in Gantz’s footsteps and leaving his position as an observer in the war cabinet, arguing that “the cabinet has long been prevented from making decisive decisions necessary to realize the war objectives and improve the strategic position of Israel”.

In recent weeks, differences have deepened not only in the war cabinet, but also within the coalition government itself. headed by Netanyahu, due to the way in which the offensive against Gaza is being managed and the possible agreements with Hamas for the release of the hostages still held in Gaza after the attacks of October 7, which left some 1,200 dead.

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