Milei shows his support for Vito Quiles for being “persecuted by the Government of Pedro Sánchez”

The president of Argentina, Javier Mileihas shown his solidarity with the press chief of Alvise Pérez’s party, Vito Quileswho “is being persecuted by the Government of Pedro Sánchez” after the Minister of Transport, Oscar Puentecalled him a “bag of shit” for saying that he went to the Taylor Swift concert in an official car, attaching images of a vehicle that the socialist leader indicated was a police vehicle.

“My solidarity with the Spanish journalist Vito Quileswho is being persecuted by the government of Pedro Sanchez after reporting that one of his ministers used an official car to go to a Taylor Swift recital,” Milei expressed in a message he published on the social network X.

The Argentine president has criticized the double standard that in his opinion is practiced by the left because, as he has said, if an official of his government “wanted to put a journalist in prison for reporting news, all the local progress, from Tenembaum and Longobardi Even Novaresio and Lanata, I would be crying dictatorship.”

“But no. Since it is a left-handed government, they pretend to be distracted. In the end they are all complicit in authoritarian socialism,” Milei said on social media, in the midst of a diplomatic crisis with Spain after his words against Pedro Sánchez’s wife. Begoña Gómez, at a Vox political event.

In this way, Milei has supported Vito Quiles, who has also announced on social networks that he has filed legal actions against Puente for serious threats, insisting that his information is “truthful” and demanding that the minister dismantle it instead of “insulting.” “.

The head of Transport called “shit bag” to Vito Quiles after he published a message on the social network X this Sunday in which he criticized the minister for using the official car to attend a concert, attaching photos of the license plate of a gray car.

From the PP they demanded their “fulminant cessation” from the Government. “The degeneration: today a Spanish minister has threatened and called a journalist a ‘bag of shit’. If Sánchez does not stop him suddenly and his colleagues do not condemn this aggression, they will be supporting Puente. My support for the professionals who suffer these attacks from the Government,” the spokesperson for the Popular Group in Congress wrote online. Miguel Tellado.

For his part, Quiles has responded to Milei through the same social network, saying that he is “concerned” that he has to be the one to defend “freedom of the press in another country.”

Regarding the relationship with Argentina, the Spanish Government has withdrawn its ambassador in Buenos Aires in response to Milei’s intervention at a Vox party event on May 19 in Madrid in which he described Argentina as “corrupt.” Begoña Gómezthe wife of the president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez.

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