Meloni describes the G7 summit as an “undeniable success” and calls the controversy over abortion “artificial”

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, has described the G7 summit in which she has served as host of “undeniable success” and has highlighted consensus among attendees on the wide variety of topics on the tablefrom the war in Ukraine to the conflict between Hamas and Israel in Gaza.

As an example of the success of the event, Meloni highlighted the fact that “the final declaration of the meeting was published one day before the end”something that “does not happen very often.”

Among the main topics, the project to provide Ukraine with a loan worth $50 billion to be paid for with the interests of Russian assets blocked abroad. In this sense, and in a message to Russia, Meloni has indicated that “only with peace will these assets be unfrozen.”

Regarding relations with China, Prime Minister Meloni highlighted that the G7 wanted to send the message to Beijing that the group “is open to dialoguebut our companies must be able to compete on equal terms, within a free market based on rules.

No mention of abortion

Finally, Meloni has addressed a point of friction: the possible inclusion of the right to abortion in the final text of conclusions of the G7 leaders’ summit. “The controversy” over the word ‘abortion’ in the G7 final declaration has been “built in a totally artificial way”according to Meloni, who managed to get this part left out of the statement.

The discussion “in fact, did not exist at the summit or in our conversations,” according to Meloni. “I understand the reasons why controversies arise but, for our part, It didn’t represent any problem“, he stated in statements collected by ‘La Repubblica’.

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