McDonald’s cancels artificial intelligence in its self-service after detecting errors in many orders

McDonald’s has temporarily suspended its pilot initiative that used artificial intelligence (AI) in some of its restaurants in USA to automatically take their customers’ orders from the car (‘drive-thru’, in English), US media reported this Monday.

The fast food giant, which had been working on this test with technology from the IBM company since 2021, has canceled this implementation of AI after reaping “contradictory results”a company spokesperson told CNBC.

The company “not ready” for now to roll out voice ordering in all its restaurantsaccording to this representative.

“The goal of the trial was to determine if an automated voice ordering solution could simplify operations for staff and create a faster and improved experience for our customers“added the spokesperson, adding that there is still “an opportunity to explore voice ordering solutions.”

AI, available so far in 100 US establishments

McDonald’s, which has 27,000 self-service restaurants around the worldhad implemented this AI technology in 100 establishments in the United States.

In addition, some customers had already reported through their social networks that conversational chat (‘chatbot‘) from McDonald’s sometimes he made mistakes even on simple orders.

Other fast food chains such as Chipotle, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are also experimenting with artificial intelligence tools in your kitchens and cash registers to save labor costs.

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