Kensington Palace once again issues a statement regarding Kate Middleton’s health

The British royal family began 2024 by confirming that the king Charles III and Kate Middleton They had cancer. This news caused a stir worldwide.

However, while the King is seen and tells more about his illness, we do not know much about the Princess of Wales.

Recently a user on TikTok indicated that he had seen the Wale’s princess in a clinic in Houston, which is well known for different cancer treatments.

This information has gone viral, since different users claimed to have seen it on USA when visiting one of the relatives who were admitted.

Statement on Kate Middleton’s health

For this reason, Kensington Palace has spoken out on this matter to settle the entire controversy.

According to reports from ‘Houston Chronicle‘, a source close to the Palace would have confirmed that these rumors “They are totally fake“.

The position of the daughter-in-law of King Charles III has always been the same

She has decided to stay out of everything to focus on her recovery, ignoring everything that has been said about her. In fact, the press in her country is eager to see her at an official event, something that increasingly seems to be delayed in time.

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