Kate Middleton announces her first public appearance after cancer diagnosis: “There are good days and bad days”

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, has published a photo with a message to confirm that her recovery is progressing favorably as she continues her chemotherapy treatment, although she warns that she is not out of the woods yet. This Saturday, hHe will make his first public appearance since the surgery.

In a personal message written and released this Friday, Kate expressed her gratitude for the thousands of messages of support received from all over the world after announcing his diagnosis in March. She claims that these displays of affection have meant a lot to her and her husband, Prince William.heir to the British throne.

“I’m progressing well, but as anyone going through chemo knows, there are good days and bad days,” Kate writes. “On bad days you feel weak, tired and you have to allow yourself to rest. But on the good days, when you feel stronger, you want to make the most of it.”

Thanks to her improvement, Kate, 42, will appear in public for the first time since last December, when she attended the Christmas religious service with other royals. This Saturday, she will accompany her three children, Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte, in a carriage during the annual ‘Trooping the Colour’ military parade, held in central London to mark the monarch’s official birthday.

Kate will also join King Charles, Queen Camilla and other family members on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, the highlight of the event.

Although Kate has expressed her desire to participate in more events this year, a complete return to her work schedule seems difficult. “My treatment continues and will continue for a few more months”, he declares. “I’m looking forward to attending the King’s Birthday parade this weekend with my family and joining some public engagements over the summer, although I know I’m not completely out of the woods yet.”

Abdominal Surgery

Kate spent two weeks in hospital in January after undergoing major abdominal surgery. Two months later, in a video message, she announced that tests had revealed the presence of cancer and that she would begin preventive chemotherapy.

In her message, Kate mentions that on days when she feels good, it is a joy to participate in school life, spending time in activities that give her energy and positivity. She has started working from home and has been able to hold some meetings.

“I’m learning to be patient, especially with uncertainty,” the princess commented. “Taking each day as it comes, listening to my body and allowing myself to take this much-needed time to heal.”

Kate’s illness has coincided with that of Carlos, 75, who has also been receiving treatment for cancer. The monarch returned to public duties in April and has remained active, although his commitments have been limited to minimize risks to his recovery.

This appearance marks a significant step in the recovery of the Princess of Wales, who continues to receive the unconditional support of her family and fans around the world.

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