Hamas political leader says he agrees “in substance” with Biden’s peace offer

The political leader of the Palestinian Hamas movement, Ismail Haniye, assured this Sunday that he agrees “in fundamentals” with the ceasefire offer presented by the president of the United States, Joe Biden, although he has denounced pressure maneuvers by Israel to prevent the offer from translating into a firm agreement.

“Our response to the fire proposal is consistent in substance with Biden’s speech and with the UN Security Council resolution in this regard,” Haniye said in a message collected by the related newspaper ‘Filastin’. to the Islamist movement.

This proposal presented by Biden was endorsed by a UN Security Council resolution with 14 favorable votes and Russia’s abstention. The proposal includes a “total and complete ceasefire”, the release of hostages held by Palestinian militias, the handover of the bodies of hostages and the release of Palestinian prisoners.

The plan is divided into three phases, in which the first proposes the exchange of hostages for prisoners and a short-term ceasefire. The second provides for a “permanent cessation of hostilities” and the complete withdrawal of Israeli military forces from Gaza, according to the text of the resolution, presented by the United States. The third and final phase includes a multi-year reconstruction plan for the Gaza Strip.

In this sense, Haniye has assured that “Hamas continues to act seriously when it comes to reaching an agreement that declares a permanent ceasefire, the withdrawal (of Israeli forces) in Gaza, the reconstruction (of the enclave) and an exchange ( of prisoners)”.

However, the leader of the Hamas politburo has denounced that, in the face of this, “the (Israeli) occupation and its allies have not responded to the flexibility that we have shown, and instead have plotted and launched inflammatory maneuvers of pressure in the media against us,” he lamented.

Haniye has pointed the finger directly at the United States, whose “cover-up” by Israel “has finally been exposed on a popular, political, legal and humanitarian level,” before insisting that “the solution for Gaza must be reached through negotiations that culminate in a comprehensive agreement, regardless of the evasions or obstructions resorted to by the enemy.

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