September 2023 in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug was warmer and rainier than usual

NAO24 reported this at the Naryan-Mar United Hydrometeorological Station

Photo: Alexandra Berg/

average temperature in September in Nenets AO was +10.1 С°. This is 3.6 C° above the norm, the norm is –6.5 C°. Maximum temperature – +23.1 C°, minimum 3.1 C°.

There was also more precipitation than usual: 100.8 mm compared to the norm of 63 mm.

But September 2022 was colder. Then the average temperature was +6.2 C°, the maximum – +18.1 C°, the minimum 7.3 C°. Precipitation was 60.4 mm, with the norm being 63 mm.

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