In the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the delivery of energy resources to remote settlements continues

At the weekly operational meeting of the Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Yuri Bezdudny, the head of the district administration, Nadezhda Mikhailova, provided up-to-date information about the northern delivery

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— Last week, coal was partially unloaded in Pesha and Indiga, this week the remaining coal on two barges will be delivered to Pesha. Diesel fuel unloading continues in Karatayka, two more barges are planned. This week the ship will dock to load diesel fuel for the western direction – Oma, Nesi and Pesha. In Arkhangelsk, loading of a barge began, which will deliver 1,427 tons of coal and 69.1 tons of briquettes to Ust-Kara, as well as barrel containers to Amderma, said Nadezhda Mikhailova.

Governor Yuri Bezdudny asked when the remaining energy resources would be delivered along the Pechora River.

“In the last few days, the water in Pechora has risen significantly, and this makes it possible to bring in all the cargo, including by heavy barge. Everything related to Pripechorye, when will the cargo arrive? – said the head of the region.

As Nadezhda Mikhailova reported, fuel briquettes need to be delivered to Nelmin Nos, Oksino and Telviska, coal also needs to be delivered to Oksino, and firewood needs to be delivered to Nelmin Nos and Krasnoye. One ship with energy resources for these settlements has already left, two more ships will leave in the next 24 hours. They are scheduled to begin unloading them next week.

“We keep the northern delivery under special control and make sure to inform the heads – when and on what day the unloading will take place, so that both the heads and residents of the villages do not worry and know that we will complete the northern delivery in full,” summarized Yuri Bezdudny.

Let us remind you that in total, as part of the campaign, 21 thousand tons of coal, 8.2 thousand cubic meters of firewood, 710.4 tons of fuel briquettes, 11 thousand tons of diesel fuel and 49 tons of gasoline will be delivered to the settlements of the district. The contract for the delivery of energy resources during the navigation period of 2023 was concluded with the Nenets Oil Company.

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